Dalton Ups R10 Series

True online double conversion rack mounted UPS                                                                                                          1KVA – 10kVA

Dalton R10 is a unique range of high density UPS systems 

that can be installed whether on the floor in tower form or

in rack mount cabinet configurations powering a wide range 

of applications.

The R10 is an ultra efficient system resulting in improved operational 

performance up to 98% in ECO mode, 94% in inverter mode , 

providing a much greener product with smaller battery and longer

 autonomy backup times. 

  • Rack/Tower convertible design.
  • Double conversion ONLINE technology.
  • Filtered, and stabilized pure sine wave supply.
  • Advanced battery discharge management.
  • High efficiency reducing energy costs.
  • Extendable runtime. 


Model R10
Rating Power 1KVA/800W 2KVA/1600W 3KVA/2400W 6KVA/4.8KW 10kKA/8KW
Input Input system Single phase & earth ground
Voltage range (90±5)VAC~ (300±5)VAC (120±5)VAC~ (274±5)VAC
Power factor ≥0.99
Voltage range of bypass (80±5)VAC~ (286±5)VAC (default: 80VAC~264VAC Could be adjusted by software) (60±5)VAC~ (300±5)VAC (default: 80VAC~264VAC Could be adjusted by software)
Output Output system Single phase & earth ground
Rated voltage 200V/208V/220V/230V/240V
Power factor 0.8
Voltage precision ±2%
Voltage distortion ≤ 3% at linear load ≤ 2% at linear load
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output frequency Normal mode 1.The output frequency synchronizes with the input frequency when the input frequency is in the range of 46Hz~ 54Hz.
Battery mode 2.The output frequency is 50Hz when the input frequency is not in the range of 46Hz~ 54Hz.

3.Can be set as 60Hz.
Efficiency 85% >90%
Inverter overload capacity

(Utility power, 25CO)
105% ± 5% < Load ≤ 125% ± 5% 50s transfer to bypass
125% ± 5% < Load < 150% ± 5% 25s transfer to bypass
Load > 150% ± 5%, 300ms transfer to bypass
Transfer time 0ms (Normal mode←→ Battery mode)
<4ms (Normal mode←→Bypass mode)
Crest factor 3:1
DISPLAY/ INTERFACE LCD Display AC/ DC voltages; kVA/ kW; Frequency; Temperature; Battery & load level
LED Status Indicator Utility power; Battery discharge; Inverter On
External Communication RS232 / RJ11 / Optional Intelligent Slot
Control 3 control push button for POWER ON / POWER OFF / FUNCTION KEY
Communication software Windows XP/ 2003 and later version; Linux; Unix
Optional SNMP Card/ USB Card/ Dry Contact AS400 Card/ CMC Card/ RS485 Card/ EMD Monitoring Device
Battery Batteries voltage 36VDC 72VDC 96VDC 192VDC 192VDC 192VDC 192VDC
Battery Type Sealed maintenance-free lead –acid battery
Backup Time (25CO) Full load ≥ 5min (Standard)
Battery quantity 3 None 6 None 8 None 20 None 20 None
Charge current 1A 6.5A 1A 5.5A 1A 5.5A 1A 5.5A 1A 5.5A
L*W*H (mm) 482×746×88 482×650×132 482×650×132 482×650×132 482×650×132 482×650×132 482×650×132
Weight (kg) 16 10 33 10 37 10 55 20 62 21