Our Company

Dalton power company founded in the 1st decade of the 3rd millennium in England by 3 ambitious professional engineers specialized in uninterruptible power supply systems,

About Dalton

They had started manufacturing with 2 small production lines , now Dalton has a huge production site equipped by the newest world technology production lines and operated by professional efficient engineers and technicians

Main Strategy

Main Strategy

As Daltons’ main strategy is based on operation innovation strategy, every year it invests more than 10% of its annual revenue in scientific researches and development

What Dalton Means

D : Durability
A : Affordability
L : Loyalty of customers
T : Technology
O : Out of competition
N : Nonstop innovations

Dalton Devices

Now Dalton UPS devices is one of the most durable efficient devices in the world, Dalton presents a full range of affordable mono & three phases ups systems to support large application varieties, by using the most updated technologies supported by newest innovations Dalton as a brand name becomes one of the promised strong player in the arena, becomes out of competition with most brands in the world