Dalton Line interactive SV10 Series

Line Interactive UPS


The SV range of UPS will provide clean and reliable backup power to ensure continued data integrity and optimum file server performance under a wide range of mains conditions.

Our advanced power management and diagnostic software package SV is available, this will allow your IT Manager or System Integrator to remotely monitor and manage both the UPS and network server.

– Micro controller
– Waveform: Simulated sinewave (battery mode)
– Wide AVR range
– Overload and short circuit protection
– UPS Auto on when AC back


MODEL SV10-1500 SV10-2000 SV10-3000
Related capacity 1500VA/900W 2000VA/1200W 3000VA/1800W
Power factor 0.6
Load type personal computer and other PC peripheral devices
AC voltage range (145~295) ± 5Vac
AC frequency Sync with AC
Output range (line) 220Vac / 230 Vac ± 10% (Sine wave)
Output frequency (Line) Sync with AC
Output voltage (Battery) 220Vac / 230 Vac ± 6% (Simulated sinewave)
Output frequency
(50/60) ± 1Hz (Frequency self-adapt system)
Transfer time ≤ 8ms
Battery backup 10-60 Min (1 PC load)
Battery protection Auto protection. The UPS auto shutdown when
Battery voltage is low or high.
Battery charging 8 hrs. to fully charged
Short circuit Auto protection. Output shuts off and
The buzzer beeps continuously.
Overload 110% < load percentage ≤120%, buzzer beeps;
load percentage > 120%,
Output shuts off, buzzer beeps continuously.
Operating temperatures 0℃~40℃
Storage temperatures (-15℃~45℃)
Relative humidity 0%~90% (No condensation water)
Noise ≤35dB(1m from front panel)
Communication interface Intelligent RS-232 / USB (optional)
Network protection RJ45/11 surge protector ( Optional )